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Weather Watch Forecast Add-On

1.5 usd

Add-on license only -- Must be used with Weather Watch, Smart WatchFace, a beautiful and informative watch face and hourly forecast app for Android Wear. See separate Google Play App listing ( All features in watch face are free, except for hourly weather, for which a 7 day free trial is included (we pay the forecast providers for the most accurate, most local information). This license enables the hourly weather features permanently.The watch face has everything you'd want your smartwatch to tell you, in a quick glance. Face your day with everything you need right on your wrist:
+ See appointments for the next 12 hours around the outside.
+ Hour markers are weather icons showing forecasts, distinguishing cloud coverage, thunderstorms, precipitation probability, intensity and type. Rain, snow and lightning are animated (just a little). Now with global weather data!
+ Hour markers when the sun has set also show the actual moon phase photos.
+ Sunrise and sunset at the watch's location can be marker on the dial.
+ Included "Weather Watch" app, which shows similar weather depiction around the outside, with forecast details at the center. Drag finger around "clock" face to select hour by hour. Shows exact temperature (choose °C or °F), precipitation type and probability.
+ Colored ring or dots inside hour markers can show forecast temperatures over the next 12 hours. (See screenshots above for color key.)
+ Battery level meters (optional) for both watch and phone.
+ Settings screen in Android Wear app lets you customize your views
+ Experimental Charge Mode feature replaces ambient face with big, dim numerals when it's docked with the charger, so it can act as a desk clock.
(For some regions, our detailed hourly forecasts are Powered by Forecast, see
Requires Android Wear 5.0+